How Baker Mayfield Won the Starting Quarterback Position for Carolina

Baker Mayfield

The majority of training camp is concluded; veterans have checked out of the hotel, teams are switching to practice schedules more like those of the regular season, and opening days are only three weeks away. It’s not like the Panthers had a tough time making that choice — Baker Mayfield soon opened up a large advantage and maintained it the whole game. However, there is a subliminal belief that he needed to prove himself in camp to succeed in his work.

Baker Mayfield Is Taking Control!

In actuality, the summer offers plenty of opportunities for repetitions, and Mayfield was only beginning to catch up when the squad reassembled in July. Sam Darnold had made good progress in Ben McAdoo’s offense while spending the spring with his teammates. By handling things in this manner, Mayfield took control of the locker room, posted some accomplishments on the wall, and established himself as a team leader.

Baker Mayfield

By the way, it began almost immediately, with Baker Mayfield’s grasp of the offense beginning to emerge after his first few weeks as a Panther (a time in the calendar when all the coaches could do with him was hand him the playbook). With a tremendously huge year ahead of him, he demonstrated both his knack for football and his desire to catch up with his peers psychologically.

The Panthers Are Optimistic

The acquisition of Baker Mayfield was motivated by the Panthers’ desire to restore their footing at the position that is considered to be the most important on the field. However, after spending a month working with Baker Mayfield, the Panthers are optimistic that he might be able to give them a little bit more than they initially expected.

Furthermore, it was believed that by awarding them ownership at this early stage, the growth of such a young group would be accelerated. It was only natural that the offensive linemen who were seniors, such as Charles Harris, Michael Brockers, Tracy Walker, Jared Goff, and Alex Anzalone, would wind up being the ones to take charge.

Matt Rhule, Panthers coach

On the field, Campbell was joined by a few strength coaches. The remainder of his aides and the majority of the front-office staff members who would typically be at practice remained inside. And the players’ response was what was predicted.

The teamwork on Hard Knocks is evident — you can go and watch how the crowd erupted following Aidan Hutchinson’s performance at the rookie show — and the roster’s makeup, with strength throughout the lines of scrimmage, positions the squad to be extremely competitive and the consistent week after week.