Dallas Cowboys Had Hilariously Bad Final Play in Divisional Playoff Loss to San Francisco 49ERS

The football team, Dallas Cowboys, has had some great hits over the years against other teams. They have been in eight Super Bowls in total and have won five of them, which is impressive. Mike McCarthy has been a good coach to the team, but now there are questions about how he will continue after the latest playoff.

Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys and Their Loss

The Cowboys might have had some brilliant games engineered by Mike McCarthy, but their recent loss to the San Francisco 49ers hit fans and the team hard. The game was good overall, but their last play sent their fans into a frenzy. Unfortunately, not even the hilarious move was enough to put them in the lead, and they still lost 19-12 to the 49ers.

American Football Quarterback for Dallas Cowboys, Dak Prescott The Hilarious Last Play

Although the game was good throughout, one player from the Dallas Cowboys stood out – in the worst way possible. Quarterback Dak Prescott and the offense needed a miracle if they were ever hoping to win, and they tried to make it happen. However, the formation was wild, and their play seemed way out of character. But even their miracle was not enough because they still lost, leaving the team with a sour taste in their mouth.

Dallas Cowboys against San Fransisco 49ers in divisional playoff

The Move Quickly Went Viral

Their last attempt to make something of themselves and not lose to the San Francisco 49ers was so hilarious that it quickly went viral online. You can check out the video for yourself, as it was heavily posted on Instagram. As it turns out, that last play the Cowboys made was just what the 49ers needed to be a shot ahead, straight to the NFC Championship.

Dallas Cowboys fans in the stands. The loss was tough on the Dallas Cowboys team, their coach – Mike McCarthy, and their fans. It was the last game of the season, and it ended on a sour note.