High School Hoops Phenom Is Grandson of Aba Pacers Hall of Famer Roger Brown

Hudson Mayes, Roger Brown's grandson
Robert Brown’s Grandson

Anyone who’s ever watched Hudson Mayes play can’t overcome the feeling of watching a throwback player. His coaches have described him as “an old soul” repeatedly. But who is this talented 15-year-old sophomore at Redondo Union High in Redondo Beach, CA, who’s believed to be the next great asset to the Division I program? No other than Hall of Fame legend Roger Brown, the ABA Pacers all-star’s, grandson!

Hudson Mayes

Hudson Mayes was raised with the idea of becoming a great basketball player. The boy surely has talent, too. In an age where the midrange shot has almost disappeared from the court, the boy openly includes it in his style. Among other things, that’s what makes his style look so old-school.

Hudson Mayes
Hudson Mayes

In an interview, he said he was expected to make it big on the basketball court. After all, he’s the grandson of Roger Brown, often referred to as the greatest Pacer of all time. So far, he’s been filling the shoes of the legendary Hall of Famer just right. He takes charge, always goes for the extra pass, and puts his heart and soul into the team.

Roger Brown

Husdon Mayes was born ten years after the greatest Pacer passed away. Yet, the resemblance in the young boy’s style with that of his legendary grandfather is uncanny. Roger Brown caught the eye of the Pacers in 1967, back when the team played in a then-brand-new league called the American Basketball Association.

He was one of the first players to join the team, eventually leading it to success more than once. Back in his prime, Brown could easily beat two players. He was very self-conscious and had the same energy his grandson exhibits on the court today.

Roger Brown was inaugurated into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 2013. So, his young grandson is expected to become just as famous for a reason. Watching his game, we can say he’s off to an amazing start.